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Body and Mind Balance?

You may need changes in your life if:

  • You feel it is difficult for you to get up in the morning.
  • You lack energy every day.
  • You cannot understand what is happening in your body.
  • Your health complaints have not being resolved by your doctor(s).
  • You are struggling to fulfill your dreams.
  • You don’t know how increase your energy.
  • You want to maintain optimum health in your body on a daily basis.
  • You are in poor health.
  • Your thoughts do not align with your heart.
  • You feel less than happy, satisfied and fulfilled.

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Almost 30 years ago my life changed completely. Now, I really learned what stress was, and also got to learn what physical suffering was. Because of the stress and the need of studying to get a good position in life, my body gave up and I started to suffer from different kind of complaints. The most uncomfortable challenges were cramps in my neck and nausea. I could almost eat nothing..

The days passed and my struggles grew. The nausea increased and the neck cramps hardly allowed me to write or study. My final medical examination was approaching and my concern was mounting. I no longer felt my body as mine but something very strange. I had no connection to my body. I had lost it. My body was no longer responding.

Once, I took a bath to try to alleviate the symptoms of my neck. A couple of minutes later my husband took me out of the tub crying and screaming because of pain. The only way I could feel better was when I laid down completely on a flat surface.

I went on and on because I had to reach my goals. I am very persistent. This is actually a very positive side of someone’s personality but too much persistence finally becomes negative. The balance must be always in equilibrium. I ignored what my body was telling me.

This situation became so serious that when I went for the final examination of my medical study, I asked if I could possibly lie down to answer the questions in the case the cramps occurred while I was answering the questions. They agreed to do this.

When the situation almost stopped my body from functioning, the doctor told me that he could not do anything for me. He could not understand what was going on. He recommended that I find out for myself what the reason was and what the solutions could be.

These words were the key for me, the key to open the new golden door that was waiting to be seen by me. If this had not  happened, I could not be the person I am now.

This is why I always tell everybody not to be disappointed when something seems to be wrong or be mistaken. It is just the start of a new beginning!

Thus, when the doctor told me he could not help me, it was the right moment to start my journey of Body-Mind connection, to reunite them again and finally give them the balance they had lost.

During this journey, of almost 30 years, I have experience wonderful moments, painful moments and moments of revelation that were full of rewards, for which I am very thankful.


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